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My dog loves Mimi's Garden dog treats! I ordered online and the order was shipped quickly and came in excellent condition! I ordered several treats for dogs for the holiday season and all loved them! I love that they are all natural and do not have anything fake in them. I can pronounce all the ingredients and know what is in them. I like that I can give my dog a healthy, excellent quality treat!

Heather Bryant



My dog loves Mimi's gardens dog treats which I figured she would cuz she eats about anything "including my shoes". but she usually doesn't literally jump on top of the kitchen table to get something and thats exactly where I found her trying to get into the treat bag. Sunny liked them so much I brang some with me when I visited my mom. My mom's dog Lulu is a tiny Teacup Chihuahua whom hates all dog treats and is anti social. it took her second to trust them from my hand but once she took it she was hooked and my mom was amazed. She even came by me more to get them Mimi's treats got her out of her shell! Thanks Mimi's Garden!

Missy Fonseca

Dog Owner


I use 2 Bee Boxes every year. I have noticed my crop plants and my flowers have flourished from introducing these bee boxes. I highly recommend putting one or two up in your yard, to help keep the bees alive and well.

Jane Smith


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