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Your pup will love our grain free treats!  These crunchy puffs are packed with nutritious ingredients.  Feel good about the snacks you give your dog!Pup-kin Ginger (3 oz.) made with Split Peas, Pumpkin, Apple, Flax Meal, Potato, Carrot, GingerBanana Coco-mutt (3 oz.) made with Split Peas, Banana, Apple, Flax Meal, Potato, Coconut, Coconut OilPup-permint (3 oz.) made with Split Peas, Flax Meal, Celery, Potato, Parsley, Peppermint ExtractTurkey Dinner (3 oz.) made with Ground Turkey, Pumpkin, Flax Meal, Sweet Poatato, Cranberry, Pumpkin Seed Treats are made after your order is placed! For larger orders please allow additional time.For local delivery, or pick-up options, please contact us directly to place your order!How did you hear about us?

Grain Free Dog Treats, Medium

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